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Biscuits Packing Machine- AMP 700 Series   Download Brochure

We are involved in offering a comprehensive range of biscuit packaging machines, which are known for their reliability and output-driven functionality. Our packing machinescan be used for packing biscuits of different shapes like round, square or rectangle. We provide these machines at market leading prices.

To know more about our range of biscuit packing machines call us at 9849070044 or fill our enquiry form.

Auro Biscuit Packing Machines- Better packaging for snack delights

We at Auro Machines Pvt Ltd have attained name and repute in the packaging machine segment through our reliable and technologically modern machines and packaging systems. Duly certified by ISO, our machines come to you after extensive evaluation and quality control process so that your manufacturing process runs optimally and efficiently for longer time periods.

Auro Biscuit Packing Machines are the technologically improved machines that add efficiency, reliability and speed to your biscuit packaging process. Look at some the advantages that the machine has on offer.


The machine has the inbuilt and advanced mechanical “variator” that provides for dual packaging advantages viz. variation in bag lengths and also variation in speed of packaging.

Lengthened feed conveyor

The feed conveyor of the machine has an extended length of 2 meters so that you can increase you packaging productivity manifold.

Pack many different kinds of biscuits

The machine can pack many different kinds and shaped of biscuits. You can easily pack the square, round, oval, rectangular, star and other shapes of biscuits in an optimal time frame.

Photocell design registration

The machine has dual kinds of photo registration equipment viz. Mechanical and photocell. Hence, you can print your package designs automatically for extended and repeat processes without any wastages and errors.

Gas flushing lubricant pump

The machine comes with an inbuilt gas flushing lubricant pump that expels the accumulated gases and other particles that may accumulate in the machine and cause damage.

Variable speed pulley

The machine comes with an inbuilt pulley that provides flow to your packaging process. The pulley can also be adjusted for optimal workflow processes.

Gentle handling

The machine is uniquely designed to handle the biscuits so that they break less and are in full forms when they are packed.

Trolley wheels

The machine can be mounted on trolley wheels/casters so that you can move the machine freely from one place to another and optimize your work process.

Separation of broken biscuits

The broken biscuits get separated from the main batch when they flow on the conveyor. Hence, your packaging is error free.

Noiseless and trouble free

The silent machine is error and maintenance free. It requires little or no maintenance and works efficiently through long hours of packaging with ease and perfection.


The machine is made of sustainable materials that work effortlessly and endlessly to provide you high productivity and sustainability.


The machine is made on stainless steel frame that is of high quality and corrosion free. The machine works efficiently in all weather conditions and different workplaces with ease and perfection.

The fully automated Auro Biscuit Packaging Machine is priced at an affordable level as well.

Model No.- AMP 701

Horizontal Flow Wrap and Biscuit Wrapping Machine Horizontal Flow Wrap and Biscuit Wrapping Machine

Features & Advantages

  1. The horizontal PILLOWPACK machine has been manufactured by us, totally with indiginious resources. The variation of speed and bag length has been done through mechanical variator designed by us. We take pride to be only manufacturer of such variators of very precision in India.
  2. Machine speed 30-150 packets/min. (according to size of products)
  3. Feed Conveyor-2 meter long conveyor for easy feed in of the product.
  4. Cross sealing heater operate on 220 volt.
  5. The machine is noiseless and trouble free.
  6. Machine for other product with higher dimension can also be fabricated on order.
  7. Design registration can be done Mechanically or with Photocell.

Optional Attachment

  1. Date code imprinter (Mechanical and Electronics as Desired).
  2. Out feed conveyor.
  3. Bucket and screw feed Elevator.
  4. Gas flushing lubricant pump.
  5. Automatic lubrication pump.
  6. Variable speed pully.
  7. Vibrator attachment.
  8. Heater indication lamp or alarm System if any one heater fails the machine automatically stops or indication lamps indicate on control panel.
  9. Running adjustment to control weight variation during running condition of Machine.
  10. Stainless Steel cover of Machine.
  11. Electronic Counter.
Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of Biscuit Packing Machine based in India.
Manufactured by: AuroHyd
Model: AMP 701