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Our company is engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying high qualityCandy Packaging Machines. These machines are used for packaging of different confectionery products like candy, chewing gums, pharmaceutical tablets, and toffees, etc.We provide candy packaging machines at industry leading prices.

To know more about our range of candy packaging machines; call us at 9849070044 or fill our enquiry form.

Auro Candy Packing Machine- the next generation machine for higher efficiency

We at Auro Machines Pvt Ltd provide you the latest and modern machines for filling, sealing, weighing and other manufacturing purposes. We are an ISO certified company and offer you well tested, reliable and highly efficient products at affordable price tags.

The Auro Candy Packing Machine is the latest technologically improved machine that offers your tremendous packing and sealing advantages.

Pack a range of products

The machine efficiency has no bounds when it comes to the number of products it can pack. You can pack candies, pharmaceutical products like tablets and capsules, toffees, chewing gums and many other different products with uniquely designed and highly efficient machine.

Highly versatile

Do more with your single piece of machinery equipment bag the free flow candy and snack pieces, label the bags with your designer prints and seal the bags perfectly without moisture. The machine has also got a robotic design and places the candies/bars into wrappers and then fills the trays/cartons with the candy bars.

Optional conveyors

You can attach conveyors to the machine and channelize your manufacturing work flow with ease and perfection.

Changeable filler

We have improved our machine design and have provided it with the latest”changeable volumetric cups”. The changeable cups are designed to make the machine more versatile and efficient so that you can pack a great many different kinds of ingredients in the quantities you desire.

Latest photocell unit

The machine contains the latest photocell unit that automatically reads and prints packs at the touch of a button. The machine can bear extensive workloads so that you can enhance your work process to greater heights and achieve more in the lesser time frame.

High efficiency

The machine is optimized to fill 500 to 600 pieces or 25 to 30 bags per minute. The high-efficiency rate is because of the unique design of the machine. The machine can be optimized for higher working rates and consumes lesser power as well.

Utilizes a range of packing films

The machine can use a variety of packaging films. Some of the films that can be used for packing on the machine include polyester foils, aluminum foils, OPP and PP combinations, etc. You can choose a film according to your product/ingredient and achieve better and standardized packaging.

Fully automated

The machine is fully automated and has a unique and user-friendly interface that offers detailed information on the all the workflow processes. The machine has automatic sensors and levers that provide you real time information on all your packaging processes. The crisp and bright display of the monitor provides you information that can be used to analyze the workflow and make it more productive and efficient.

Real-time alarm

The machine has automatic alarms that provide you information in advance on the impending risks and malfunctioning that may occur in the machine and affect the work flow process.

Auro Candy Packing Machine provides you a range of unmatched features and control options and provides you more value for your money. The machine is also priced affordable and can be customized according to further customer requirements.

Products- AMP 600 Series

Model No.- AMP 600

Packing of Candy Wrapping Pillow Pack

Features & Advantages

Capacity 500-600 pcs/min.
Motor 0.5 to 2HP
Max. Load Single Phase 2.5 kw to 4 kw
Weight 800 kgs-1500 kgs
Wrapping Material All types of laminates, PET/POLY, PEMET, PET/POLY, CPP, BOPP.
Power Consumption Moter -1/2H.P 220, 50 Hz Single Phase. Heater -150 W*2+500 W*2 Maximum Load 2.5kw
Dimension L : 1800-2400
W :1000-1700
H : 1360-2000 mm.
Machine Size L 840 mm * D 740 mm. XH 1900 mm. N. Wt. 500 kgs, G.Wt. 560 kgs. (approx.) 790 mm.* 660 mm.*1900 mm

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Packing of Candy Wrapping Pillow Pack

Features & Advantages

Filler Changeable Volumetric Cups
Sealing Type Pillow Bag (Center Seal)
Bag Size W 80-150 mm * 100111-180 mm. Capacity : 20g-100g/bag (subject to products) Note : the bag length is adjusted by photocell, tracing film mark automatically with tolerance +/- 1.5 mm.
Application For packing Soya, or Powders e.g. snacks, small biscuit or detergent etc.
Packing Speed 20-35 bags/min.
Power Consumption Motor - 1/2HP, 110/220V, 50/60Hz Heater - 150W*2 + 300W*2 Please specify your power system.
Packing Film Laminated film in roll, supported film e.g. Alum. Foil, PE, PP &OPP combinations. O.D. of film roll - 200mm. max. I.D. of reel pipe -75 mm. Min.
Machine Size L 840 mm * D 740 mm. XH 1900 mm. N. Wt. 500 kgs, G.Wt. 560 kgs. (approx.)
Manufactured by: AuroHyd
Model: AMP 600