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We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Granules Packaging Machines. Our machines are known for their robust construction, magnificent performance and low power consumption. This packaging machine could be used for all kinds of fill free flowing granules like food grains, pulses, seeds, sugar, pesticides and chemicals, etc.

Auro Granule Packing Machine- Have a Versatile Packing Approach!

We at Auro Machines Pvt Ltd provide you the most robust machines that have enhanced performance levels and provide for lower maintenance costs. We are an ISO certified company with a vision to be the best company in terms of customer satisfaction.

Auro Granule Packing Machine is the technologically sophisticated latest and modern machinery for granules packing purposes. Look at some of the unique advantages that our machine offers and why it is the best amongst all granule packing machines.

Easy to Move

The uniquely designed machine comes with casters that provide for swift movement of the machine from one place to another. The machine can thus be used at multiple workplaces thereby providing greater value for your money.

Better Design

The machine has a compact design so that you can get a maximum workflow in lesser space. The machine can be placed in a very tight or low space spot with ease with its efficiency intact and secure.

Packs a Range of Products

The technologically advanced machine is also very versatile and can pack much different kind of products (including powders and granules) efficiently and securely. You can easily pack free flowing products like tea, coffee, milk powder, flour, sugar, salt, spices, etc. in well-sealed pouches through the machine.

In Built Temperature Monitor

The machine is equipped with an inbuilt temperature monitor/controller that works optimally throughout the work process to provide the film packs optimum heating and temperature during sealing of the packs. The sealing is thus highly secure and precise and can last through many hiccups and minor spoilage.

Accurate Printing

The granule packer has the latest and advanced technology called photocell unit that accurately and precisely prints the designs through an extended period of time.

High Productivity

The machine can pack as many as 100 packs in a minute and can carry on with the repeat work processes for extended time periods without any inconvenience. You can speed up your packing process through the machine and achieve more manufacturing strength in lesser time period thereby increasing your business and profit.

High Accuracy and Precision

The machine is highly accurate and precise in its operations and provides for less than 1% of error. Hence, you can avoid any wastage that might be accompanying your packing processes till now.

Unique Changeable Design

The versatile machinery is also changeable and you can easily and swiftly change the ingredient/product and film roles for accomplishing more number of packing processes.

Multi Side Sealing

You can apply a 3-sides, 4 sides or centre sealing to your packages to ensure that they are firmly sealed. You can also provide for customer friendly sealing packages that suit your product.

The Auro Granule Packing Machine is fully automated and provides for a smooth and error free packing process. Various sensors on the machine provide you adequate knowledge for analyzing your process. The machine also provides you beforehand knowledge on the impending threats and risks that may affect your workflow through alarms. The machine is priced at an affordable level and provides for greater returns on investment in long term.

Products- AMP 100 Series

Model No.- AMP 101 to 103

Packing of Granuels

Features & Advantages

Filler Changeable Volumetric Cups 1 gms. To 20 gms.
Sealing Type 3 Side 4 Side or Center Seal or Back Side Seal.
Bag Size Length 40 mm. to 140 mm., 40 mm. To 160 mm.
Film Size Width 40 mm. to 100 mm., 40 mm. to 150 mm.
Note : The bag length is adjusted by photocell, tracing film mark Automatically with tolerance +/-1.5 mm.
Packing Speed 80 bags/min., 50 bags/min.
Subject to filling condition of products.
Power Consumption Motor - HP, HP 220 V Single Phase
Packing Film Laminated film in roll, Supported film e.g. Alum. Foil, PE, PP & BOPP Combinations.
Automatic quantitation filling Packing Machine with photo-cell apparatus for packing of granules, Pan Masala , Detergent, Supari , Tea, Namkeen and other Product.

Optional Attachment

  1. Date code imprinter (Mechanical and Electronics as Desired)
  2. Gas flushing
  3. Automatic lubrication pump
  4. Variable speed pully
  5. Vibrator attachment
  6. Heater indication lamp or alarm System if any one heater fails the machine automatically stops or indication lamps indicate on control panel
  7. Stainless Steel cover of Machine
  8. Electronic Counter
Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of Granules Packing Machine based in India.
Manufactured by: AuroHyd
Model: 101 to 103