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Intermittent Machine Auger Filler

Auro Intermittent Machine Auger Filler – Fully automate your packaging process

Auro Machines Pvt Ltd is a well trusted and reliable name for in national and international arena for quality packaging machines. Our machines have the latest technology that infuses perfection in your work process. We are certified by ISO and have a wide array of packaging, sealing and weighing machines to offer.

Intermittent Machine Augar Filler

This latest machine is designed to provide you enhanced perfection and functionality. Look at some of the advantages that the machine has to offer for your work process.

Pack a range of products

The machine can pack a range and variety of products for you though it is best for packaging free flow powders and smaller granules. You can pack spices, milk powders, edible flours and products and many other different kinds of products with the machine in an optimal time frame.

Center sealing

The machine provides for center sealing so that your products are properly packed and are moisture free. The firm packaging is unaltered during conditions of stress.

Multiple systems for product feeding

The machine provides for multiple sealing systems so that you can fill specific and unique products in ideal packages. The feedings systems of the machine include volumetric cup filler, auger filler and weigh filler. Hence you can pack a range of products with ease and perfection conveniently.

Uses a variety of films

The machine can use a variety of films for packaging. These include polyster laminated films, aluminum films, HDPE etc. Thus the machine provides for thorough and firm packaging for a number of product types.

Fully automated

The machine is fully automated and has the in-built PLC or Programmable Logic Control system with an advanced microprocessor chip. The machine functions with ease and perfection through hours and has the most advanced and sophisticated controlling system.

Work flow analysis

The machine provides many information patterns that can be used for work flow analysis and control. You can improve and optimize the workflow as the information is clearly displayed on the bright and crisp display monitor of the screen monitor.

Sensors and alarm

The machine has inbuilt advanced electronic sensors that provide your work flow information and also provide you beforehand information on the impending threats and malfunctioning. The sensors are combined with the electronic alarm that ring during adverse conditions.

Unique and high strength frame

The machine is built on a high quality stainless steel frame that is resistant to corrosion and accidental breakages. The framework adds durability to the machine so that it lasts longer and provides for little or no maintenance.

Photocell registration system

The machine has the inbuilt photocell registration system with camera that provides for automatic and efficient printing.

Easy changeable

The pouches can be changed easily so that you can achieve more versatility in your work flow process.

In addition, the machine has also got gas expulsion pneumatic cylinders for better efficiency and gas expulsion. The Auro Intermittent Machine Augar Filler has been priced affordably so that you can reach greater manufacturing heights at lower costs.

Model No.- AMP 302

Intermittent Machine Auger Filler


Product applications Powder, Granules
Sealing type Center sealing
Roll Width Width: 140mm to 400mm
Feeding system Auger filler/Volumetric cup filler/Weigh filler
Machine Motor 1/2 Hp, single phase, 50 Hz
Electrical Supply 220V, Ac, single phase, 50Hz
Packing film Any heat sealable laminated roll
Machine control through PLC {Programmable logic control)
Photocell registration system Camera controlled by pic
Contact parts Stainless Steel
Heater Load 150 w x 2 Nos; 300 w x 2 Nos
Packing film pulling Through electromagnetic clutch and brake
Temperature controller PID based
Machine speed 25-50 Pouches per min (Depends upon quantity and product)
Power Consumption 2 kw approx
Machine Motion Intermittent
Machine Weight 300 kg approx
Machines dimensions Height 84 inch x length 42 inch x width 42 inch
Optional Features (At an extra cost) Batch Coding device Nitrogen flushing system Batch cutting
air supply needed 6 cfm

Salient Features

  1. Best for Namkeen & Powder Products.
  2. The fully automatic Form Fill & Sealing Machine is an intermittent machine designed for the efficient packing of product in seal pouch upto 500 gms.
  3. Ease of operation & Maintenance.
  4. The Machine is versatile & can be easily changed over from one pouch size to another.
  5. Horizontal Sealer is driven by pneumatic cylinders.
  6. Vertical seal is done by rotating die rollers through clutch & brakes.