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Large Vertical F.F.S. With Multihead Weigher   Download Brochure

Auro Large Vertical FFS with Multi-Head Weigher- Achieve More!

Auro Machines Pvt. Ltd is a well known name in the packaging machines industry. We take pride in providing you the best quality machines for your packaging needs.

The Auro Large Vertical FFS and Multi Head Weigher provides you great efficiency, speed and provides for work process optimization as well. Some of the unique advantages of the dual efficient machine are listed below.

Use wide variety of packing material

The machine can be used to make different kinds of pancakes out of many different kinds of bag packaging material. You can make bags out of jute, LDPE, cloth, etc. and can fill pouches too.

Machine for filling a variety of products

The machine can be used for packing many different kinds of materials including rice, sugar, flour (atta), pulses, etc. You can also pack dry and processed food items like tea, coffee, grated cheese, candies, confectionaries, etc. in desired amounts. If you wish to pack non-food items like washers, nuts, bolts, plumbing and electrical parts then also the machine can do the job easily in lesser time.

Pack optimal and desired quantities

The machine offers you flexibility in terms of quantity of material packed as well. You can pack 8 Gms to 1000 Gms or 1 kg of materials easily into the bags.

Higher efficiency

The machine can pack up to 65 bags a minute. You can fasten your packing process and achieve greater efficiency through the unique and efficient sensors of the fully automated machine.

Digital sensors for higher precision

The machine is equipped with modern digital sensors that prevent jamming of the machine during higher workloads. The sensors of the machine are also efficient in providing more speeds during the work process and provide for more precision during packing.

High durability

The machine comes with the latest IP65 protection added to the frame. The frame of the machine is thus highly resistant to any kind of corrosion and lasts longer.

Choose your language for machine operation

The machine can be operated in many different languages. You can choose from languages like English, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and many more and customize the machine as per your requirements.

Better control

The machine has fully automated and inbuilt sensors and levers that add efficiency to the work process while providing for the greater amount of control.

Better workflow analysis

The crisp and vivid display on the machine can be easily read and analyzed to achieve higher productivity and to achieve faster process rates.

Greater options

The machines provide for many filling options. Some of these include discharging of greater weights, timing of the printer, hopper, etc., dimple on all product contact surfaces, etc. The machine can also be screwed or attached to a conveyor for making the work process smoother.

Highly reliable

The machine is certified and reliable. The machine can be used for repeat processes without any maintenance for long time periods.

Fully automized

The new and modern machine is fully automized with advanced PLC Systems and is software enriched to provide you an effortless and fast work process.

The versatile and modern large vertical FFS with multi-head weigher is suitable for all your packing and weighing needs. The machine runs smoothly over extended periods of operation and provides greater returns on your investment.

Model No.- 1600

Servo Auger Filler




Packaging Speed

35 - 65 bag/min

Bag-making size

(L) 50-300mm (W) 60-200mm

Metering range

150 - 1300ml

Max packaging film with


Film thickness

0.04 - 0.08

Air consumption


Power specification

220V/50Hz, 2.2KW

Bag-making type



  1. Right, Quick, Not break material.
  2. High standard, high efficiency, reduce cost.
  3. Adapt to the packing of high and delicate product

Machine Assembly

Automatic packaging machine, ten head weigher, Bracket flat roof, Z material conveyor, Material quivering machine, product conveyor.