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Servo Auger Filler- Look no further for your manufacturing packing needs!

Auro Machines Pvt Ltd. is the other name for customer satisfaction. No doubt we achieve 90% of our sales through repeat business. Our reliable and certified products and packing machines can be found in leading manufacturing facilities across the world.

Servo Auger Filler

Our latest filling/packing machine is one of the most modern and technologically advanced filling machines of the world. Take a look at some of the unique advantages that our filling machine offers.

High Efficiency

With our advanced automated machines, you can fill more than 90 pouches a minute. Only a few other machines offer you this much amount of efficiency in an optimal time frame.

High Precision

Avoid wastage with our high precision filling machines. Our machines provide for lower or no dispersion of powder or granules and provide you a swift workflow.

High Durability

Auger machine is optimized to run in all conditions without inconvenience and problems. The state-of-the-art machines are built with high quality steel and technological equipment to last long and provide for repeated work processes with little or no maintenance.

Wide Range of Applications

Pack any type of granules, powders, etc. with our free flow machines. These machines are optimized to function conveniently and efficiently for all ingredients including spices, chips, namkeens, pesticides, detergent, tea, besan, flour, etc.

Fully Automated and Computerized User Interface

Our machines are designed to provide you most modern technological user interface so that you undergo your operation with minimum effort. Time the process, analyze the productivity and do much more with our modern computer-based technological interface. The machine is equipped with Annunciator and fault alarm bells so that you can lower the incidences of accidents and risks that may occur during the packing process due to human error.

Machines Equipped with Static Charge Eliminator

Our packing machines have the modern static charge eliminators that reduce the chances of tearing, jams and dust accumulations that may occur because of the static cling caused during packaging. The eliminators also reduce the chances of shocks, sparks and problems that arise out of sheet feeding.

Level Indicator for Hopper

Our packaging machines have the level indicators for hoppers so that you can easily know the time to refill. The levels indicators can also be adjusted to optimal levels so that you can add more efficiency to the work process and time it better.

Optional Product Conveyor

Screw the conveyor to the machine and relocate the packed product at the location/position you desire! Our machines are designed effectively so that you can provide more smoothness to your workflow process.

Optional Pouch Conveyor

You can also attach the pouch conveyor to the Servo Auger Filler packing machine and distribute your product containing pouches more effectively and smoothly.

The Servo Auger Filler is designed to provide you most out of the business packaging process. The machines are designed to save time and provide you higher returns on your investment. The cost effective packing solution is also available at an affordable price.

Model No.- 1300

Servo Auger Filler


Model Packing Range Pouches/Min
VA 250 10 gms 80-90
25 gms 70-80
50 gms 70
100 gms 65
VA 500 100 gms 60
250 gms 45-50
VA 1000 500 gms 40
1 kg 30-35
VA 2000 1 kg 30-35
2 kg 20-25
VA 5000 2 kg 20-25
5 kg 10-15
VA 10000 5 kg 10-15
10 kg 6-10

Features of Servo Auger Filler

  1. High Accuracy.
  2. Higher Consistency.
  3. Increased Productivity.
  4. Wide Variety of Product Applications.
  5. Man-Machine Interface for setting timing and other features.
  6. Audio and Video Fault Indicator and Annunciator.
  7. Variable Frequency Driver Film Pulling and Stirrer.
  8. Static Charge Eliminator for efficient sealing.
  9. Level Sensor to maintain the product level in the hopper.
  10. Product conveying arrangement to the hopper by screw conveyor (Optional).
  11. Pouch Transport Conveyor (Optional).