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Volumetric Cup Filler (VC)

Auro Volumetric Cup Filler- Add Perfection and Efficiency to Your Packing Work Process

We at Auro Machines Pvt Ltd are certified by ISO and have a wide customer base across nations. Our machines provide you the most value for your money. We cherish serving customers with the latest and high-technological-value modern products which ease their manufacturing and packaging process.

Volumetric Cup Filler

The fully automated volumetric cup filler is designed to provide you an easy and risk-free filling and packing process. Let us look at some of the many advantages that this latest technological breakthrough has in store for your packing needs.

Unique Injection System

The machine is equipped with the latest volumetric injection system. It also has the reciprocating single-cup-filler system. These two systems provide you high versatility during your filling process. You can present the quantity of ingredients/products in each of the pouches through the system and can pack many different kinds of products in lesser time.

Modern PLC Based Microprocessor System

The PLC system containing the Microprocessor unit provides for detailed analysis of the work process and swift workflow. You can synchronize the PLC system with the injection system so that your pouches contain the specific volumes of products.

Full Automation of the Cup Filling Work Process

The machine forms the pouches, fills them and seals them after the ingredients are packed into them. The process is totally automated so that you can form and fill pouches effortlessly at the click of the button.

Uses of Wide Range of Films for Pouch Making

The machines can make pouches of a variety of films including polyester laminated films, aluminum laminated films, HDPE, LDPE, etc. Hence, you can easily provide adequate strength to your pack/pouch with the film you desire.

Unique and Efficient Sealing System

The FFS machine is designed to provide effective and thorough sealing to a variety of films including laminated and virgin films.

Pack a Range of Products

The versatile machine can pack many products for you in the given deadline. Pack rice, popcorn, seeds, pet food, beans and lot many other dry-free-flowing products in ideal packs.

Level Controller

Locate the level of the ingredients/ products for making your work process functioning optimally. The machine has many other automated levers that provide for specific ingredient fills in an optimal time frame.

Stay Risk-Free with Automated Alarms

The machine is equipped with automated alarms that provide you beforehand warning of an impending malfunctioning or risk. The alarms start working automatically when the machine is switched on.

Unique Design for Quick Change

You can pack many different ingredients in different packs as the machine has the unique multi-functioning design. You can pack many different materials in batches and get more out of your work process.

Optional Conveyors

You can screw conveyors to the machine to make your work process smoother and more efficient.

The Auro Volumetric Cup Filler can fill more than 120 pouches in a minute. The efficient and cost saving machine has also been priced suitably for greater customer satisfaction and provides for a greater return on investment.

Model No.- 1500

Servo Auger Filler


The Machine- the machine automatically forms, gills and seals the pouch made from a heat sealable film roll kept at the rear side of the machine

Injection System- Product feeding and measuring system known as injection volumetric type, unique single cup reciprocating cupfiller providing on the top of the FFS allows you to fill the preset quantity of product in each pouch. This operation synchronized with over specification of the FFS machine through the PLC

Function - The machine will form fill and seal the product in the pouches with in the accuracy of ±0.5%. However, it depends on the density of the products to be packed.

Sealing System- An impulse sealing system of unique design helps to use different types of films (virgin and laminated) in the same machine. FFS machine provided with the continuous sealing is suitable for laminated films.

Quick Change Over (Unique Design)- Quick change over of pack size is possible since changes over parts are designed for quick adjustment/ repositioning/replacement.

Easy Operation- Operation of the machine is easy, user friendly, it is designed to suit our country and our people.